Bruce Payton –
Changing Louisiana one headline at a time.

My platform's unique; I want to term limit the Lt Governor. Term limits are good for Louisiana; they prevent tenure in Politics, which have been a nightmare for our State. Look at the Insurance Commission; after 16 years under one regime, that office is in shambles! Let's not repeat that mistake again.

My plan is a three headed monster: first, run an aggressive campaign and win the office. Second, convince the State Legislature to term limit the Office in a Bill; if the Governor signs it, it's law....and our State is better off for it. But, if the Governor veto's, the Legislature uses it's super-majority to override the Governor. At that point, the Office is term limited and Louisiana's future is protected from tenured politics.

But I'm not done yet; I'm only running for one term! Yep, I'm term limiting myself; how unique is THAT?! This forces my Successor to serve two different Governors! this promotes cooperation, collaboration, and checks & balances at the highest level of state government. Only a selfless, pro-active, progressive thinking candidate would think of this crazy idea. I told you I was unique.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Louisiana to make big changes in our state. By electing me, we'll have a clean slate of Executive's running Louisiana. Your job is to vote! My election is a David versus Goliath battle, but you Louisiana, are my ROCK.

We're in this together; I'm one of you! I'm not a Politician. I'm running as an Independent because I represent everyone! I'm a businessman and real estate developer; I'm more than qualified to be your Lt. Governor... don't let the title fool you. The Lt Governor is the State's Marketer;it's a SALES Position. Elect a Salesman Louisiana. You wouldn't hire a Politician to sell your home, so don't hire a Politician to sell your state; Elect a salesman.
Elect the "Salesman turned Statesman"! That's me. Bruce Payton #21



I'm passionate about my job and my State; you'll hear that in my voice and you'll see that in my expression! I'm the real deal Louisiana.


I believe in doing things once and getting it right; that's why my ideas aren't all etched in stone. A good leader seeks wisdom via a multitude of counsels.


I'm not afraid to ask difficult questions, nor have some uncomfortable conversations; that's how progress is made.


I'll elaborate on this more in my speeches; you're going to want to hear me speak, I can be rather...entertaining!

Interested in helping change La? Then, get in touch.